Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Composition

Write a Composition in about 300 words Natural Calamities in Bangladesh. Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Composition writing for the students. Write a short essay “Natural Calamities in Bangladesh” for the school and college students. Class six to SSC, HSC students can write this composition in the exam.

Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Composition in English

Natural Calamities in Bangladesh Composition

Natural calamity refers to a hind of natural disaster caused by environmental pollution and ecological imbalance. In recent years, they have become more frequent because of climate change over the world. That is why they are now being addressed as a global problem.

Bangladesh is very prone to natural disasters. Every year some common natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tidal bores, excessive rainfall, earthquake, erosion, drought, etc. visit Bangladesh. Among these, floods and cyclones are the two main natural calamities in Bangladesh. For instance, from 2007, our country has been affected by three dreadful cyclones and also by two consequent floods.

Natural disasters are very common in Bangladesh due to their peculiar geographical status. Again, heavy rainfall, tidal bores, melting of snow of the Himalayas cause floods here. Global warming is another factor in causing natural calamities. Natural calamities cause maximum damage in Bangladesh. This is because of the low flat land, high density of population, poorly built houses, and also lack of drastic plans.

Natural disaster causes heavy losses in our country. Many people are killed and many others become homeless. The havoc also includes the death of cattle, widespread destruction of houses, uprooting of trees, damage of crops, roads, and structures. Shortly after the disaster, many diseases break out and the communication system is suspended causing untold suffering to people.

We can take some protective measures to lessen the suffering of the victims. Both long and short-term plans can be taken. Govt. must take projects for aforestation. In addition, warning and preparatory measures have to be improved. Finally, we should raise awareness in people to protect our lives and properties from the tremendous attack of natural calamities.

Natural calamities cause huge losses to our country every year. However, the effect of those may be mitigated with the combined efforts of both the Govt. and the mass people.

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