Mass Media Composition (গণমাধ্যম রচনা)

Here we provide to you Mass Media Composition. Students will be benefited from this Mass Media Composition. Mass media are the best means for public communication and coordination. They are a part and parcel of our life now. Modern life cannot go for a single moment without media. They have a great impact on our social and national life.

Mass Media Composition In English For SSC Exam 2021

Mass Media Composition

Nowadays radio, television, newspaper, journals, leaflets, posters, etc. are known as mass media. These play a very active and important role in our civilized life. Mass media have various impacts on our society, nation, and even on the globe. They are in fact the mirror or reflection or echo of society and culture. Here we find the activities of the daily affairs of our society. They inform us of the pros and cons of our special, social, national, and international activities.

Mass media are a strong means of communication. They help us in communicating messages to overseas countries as well as to our national area. By publishing or broadcasting the news items and advertisement, mass media bring a message to our door quickly. Mass media are also a great source of recreation and entertainment. By publishing or broadcasting, various entertaining programs help us overcome the monotony of our daily lives.

Mass media have a great educative value. They play an important role in educating the people, especially for mass education. Various mass media sectors can help establish justice, fair play, peace, and progress in society.

Mass media can protest ail evil things happening in society. By the strict voice of mass media, people of all stages can be conscious of the evils. They can also raise their voice to stop these.

Nowadays misuse of mass media is a constant threat to the clarity of our social affairs. Some powerful people or groups try to use the media in their own way. And in a developing country like ours, the government tends to control the media showing their power. Sometimes mass media can be affected by narrow political and private influences. These kinds of effects on mass media reduce their significance and importance. As a result public trust also reduces.

So to have the proper and logical benefit from mass media, they should be kept free from all evil effects and illegal control because free and responsible mass media are the precondition of healthy growth of a society. Thank you for reading Mass Media Composition in English.

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