Tree Plantation composition With Words Meaning

Tree plantation means the planting of trees. Man has been closely related to nature since the dawn of civilization. Nature abounds with tress. Trees are one of the best gifts of nature. As the civilization proceeds towards development, valuable natural assets are also getting damaged day by day so is the ease with stress. Now the ecological balance is distributed and life becomes difficult. One of the main sources of energy is firewood. We get them from forests. The birds and the beasts are an inseparable part of our environment. We get meat, milk, etc. from them. But the destruction of trees in forests lessens the birds and the beasts.

Tree Plantation composition in English With Words Meaning

Tree Plantation composition

Trees supply timber for buildings, houses and they give shade and shelter to the people. Almost all living beings are dependent on trees. They supply us with oxygen and accept carbon dioxide. This oxygen is beneficial to living beings.

But for a smaller interest, our people are destroying our forests that the fertile lands have become barren. The enchanting flora and fauna are getting fade and the brightness of Nature is getting dark. The bad effects of fewer trees on the ecological balance are serious.

The people, as well as the government of Bangladesh, must be aware of the problems created by the cutting of trees at random. People should plant three for one and the government should inspire the general mass for participating in the tree plantation campaign.

To get rid of the Green House Effect and the rainless, drought, plantation of trees in large quantity is a must. Ours is an agricultural country. Sufficient rain and the required amount of water in our rivers can grow bumper crops in the land. Tree Plantation indicates the putting up of trees. This program has got momentum worldwide. Such afforestation movement by the government, association, NGOs have brought a lot of development in respect of growing more and more trees. They are doing so in the rural areas, town sides, sea beaches, fallow lands, etc remarkably.

Everybody of us should note that not an inch of land should remain barren even in the surroundings of the educational institutions and offices.

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