My Dream Job Composition in English

From my childhood I have a desire to be a cook in a famous restaurant. Write a composition on “My Dream Job” narrating why I have decided to be a cook and how I will prepare myself to get this job.

My Dream Job Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

My Dream Job Composition

Nothing is more difficult than to fix an aim in life. So what I want to be is the main dilemma from which I have been suffering. I have, however, been able to fix an aim after a lot of thinking and analysis. I have specific reasons for my choice. I want to be a cook in a famous restaurant in future.

The first reason in favor of my choice is the belief that now a days cooking is a respectable job. If I get a job in a famous restaurant as a cook, everybody will respect me. The second reason of my choice is the belief that there are huge opportunities to get a job as a cook in Bangladesh and abroad. Because there are great demands for a good cook. The third reason of my choice is that I love to feed people.

What I want to be might astonish my parents and relatives. Because in this age of materialism everybody is in favor of being a doctor, an engineer, civil or military officers, or big business magnates or entrepreneurs. But I believe that a good cook is needed everywhere and thus can play a great role everywhere.

After my SSC examination I want to join in a well known cooking training institution. After taking training from a cooking institution I want to get a higher degree on cooking. After taking a higher degree in cooking I will try to get a job in a famous restaurant in Bangladesh.

In our country there are lots of hotels and restaurants. But the condition of cooks is not good. In the developed countries they get not only respect but also wealth.

In spite of all the negative aspects of being a cook in our country, I want to be a cook. I believe it heart and soul that a good cook is really needed for them who really love to eat. I want to uphold my dream job sky-high. I want to be a cook and I will remain happy being a cook.

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