My Favorite Hobby Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Here I write a composition of “My Favorite Hobby“. A man is not a machine. He does not work only to earn bread and butter. He also we satisfaction. The work that he does for his mind is his hobby.

My Favorite Hobby Composition In English

My Favorite Hobby Composition

“Many men, many minds’. So, hobby varies from person to person. Gardening, fishing, sight seeing, an collecting, travelling, etc. are common hobbies. But I like photography most. It is my favorite hobby.

I love photography. I love to click; I like to go to nature. I have a DSLR camera. On my 12th birthday my uncle who lives in Germany sent it for me. I always keep it to me. In fact, the camera has become my constant companion.

I love my photography for a number of reasons. Firstly, it has made me a lover of nature. It has developed my sense of aestheticism. Now I can read the language of petals and leaves. After that, photography has development my patience. For taking a single snap sometimes I wait hours after hours. Thirdly, it has taught me how to preserve the best moment in frame. Finally, photography has brought me a recognition in national and international arena. I have already attended many national and international photography competitions. I have got some awards in both levels.

In my snaps I do not preserve only the nature. I also take the snaps of sorrows and sufferings of people. I also try to capture the culture of our society through my photography.

L illustrate the picture of poverty of our poor people. I also preserve some cultures that are about to be extinct. I do believe my photography will become history that will tell about the past in the language of silence.

I am quite happy with My Favorite Hobby. It gives me a ventilation in the suffocation of mechanical life. It is the only work that I do for nourishing my inner faculties, to get central pleasure. I do it not for my profession but for passion.

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