DSE Latest Share Price Today of Dhaka Stock Exchange

DSE Latest Share Price Today of Dhaka Stock Exchange. DSE stands for Dhaka Stock Exchange which is one of the most important stock exchanges in the country. In fact, there is just two stock exchange in Bangladesh and DSE is one of them. DSE carries a great value to our economy is it is indeed the powerhouse of the stock exchange and stock-related trading in the country. Today, in our article we will discuss details of DSE which will include the latest share price of DSE as well as all other related stuff. So, if you are interested enough to know more about DSE, please continue reading the article here.

About Dhaka Stock Exchange

Dhaka Stock Exchange was founded way back in 1954 and since then it has been operating with full power. Over the past, more than half of the century Dhaka Stock Exchange has been playing a pivotal role in market capitalization in Bangladesh. By, 2020 the overall market capital gained by Dhaka Stock Exchange was estimated as $46 billion. So, it can be said that DSE is indeed is the capital market center house of the country. The stock exchange is located in Motijheel, one of the most engaging areas in Dhaka city. As of now, the number of Dhaka Stock Exchange listings is almost 750 and it has an index of DSE 30 index.

DSE Latest Share Price

In general Dhaka Stock Exchange is a public limited company. The stock exchange follows the rule of the Company Act 1994 and a few other security exchange-related acts as well. There are certain rules and regulations based on that Dhaka Stock Exchange is run and the latest share price of DSE also has to comply with this set of rules and regulations.

When it comes to management, Dhaka Stock Exchange is entrusted to a 25 member board of directors. These directors are elected among DSE members and from relevant trading bodies as well. Bangladesh Bank, Investment Corporation of Bangladesh, and six other organizations are currently holding the positions of DSE boards.

Dhaka Stock Exchange Trading Timetable

The stock exchange is open from Sunday to Thursday as Friday and Saturday are the government holidays in Bangladesh. The time slot of these days is from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm and trading is needed to be done following this strict schedule. There are about 600 companies enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange and trading can be done based on the listed shares on the stock exchange.

DSE Latest Share Price Update

DSE latest share price is undoubtedly one of the most searched terms in Bangladesh when it comes to the stock exchange and trading-related things. People always search for the latest share price in DSE and based on the latest share price they make decisions of whether to buy or sell in the share market. As everything is based on calculation and calculative risk, the latest share price is the key to invest in the share market. Here on our site, you will find details of share prices in DSE based on the enlisted companies.

DSE Latest Share Price Today

It should be noted that you have to look for the trade code to get more idea on the latest price of the share in DSE. So, look out for the latest share price by trade code here to get the actual high and low points of the company share you are aiming for. Before that, let us tell you some very important short forms and acronyms so that you can understand share news and www dsebd org latest share price from the index.

LTP: LTP means Last Traded Price

YCP: YCP stands for Yesterday’s Closing Price

CLOSEUP: Closing Price

Get DSE Latest Share Price

To get the latest share price of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, one needs to keep track of the latest share news and share ups and downs. As we have said that keeping track of share price by trade code is one option and there are few others as well. And you will get all the details here on the official website of the Dhaka Stock Exchange. The link to the website is given below:


The last updated trade information will be found here on the website of DSE and you will be able to get the latest share price by this. To get a clear idea of the Dhaka Stock Exchange share price, check out the DSEX Index, DSES Index, and DS30 Index which are being updated every day. These indexes will be found right on the home page of the above-mentioned website and you will get total trade, total volume, and total value in Taka as well from this site.

Top 30 Shares by Trading Code

TRADING CODE LTP % Open High Low Close YCP Change Trade VALUE(mn) Volume CAT AUDITED PE
1JANATAMF 6.3 6.3 6.4 6.3 6.3 6.5 44 0.66 104853 A 2.48
1STPRIMFMF 17.3 17.4 17.5 17.2 17.3 17.3 93 3.06 174690 A 45.53
AAMRANET 40.5 0.5 40.3 40.8 40.1 40.5 40.3 0.2 1039 37.67 930293 A 18.83
AAMRATECH 37.2 4.2 35.7 37.8 35.7 37.2 35.6 1.5 1149 60.62 1642976 A 24.62
ABB1STMF 5.7 5.7 5.8 5.6 5.7 5.7 44 0.51 88655 A 2.18
ABBANK 11.2 -1.75 11.4 11.4 11 11.2 11.5 -0.2 271 5.91 524654 B 22.8
ACFL 28.3 2.54 27.8 28.4 27.5 28.1 27.6 0.7 141 4.09 145715 A 22.08
ACI 290.7 -0.1 292.3 292.3 289 290.2 291 -0.3 413 16.68 57458 A 52.91
ACIFORMULA 170 1.61 167 170 167 169.1 167.3 2.7 137 4.36 25812 A 35.3
ACMELAB 91.2 0.44 91.6 91.8 90.8 91.3 90.8 0.4 694 29.5 323020 A 12.24
ACMEPL 32.5 1.88 31.5 32.9 31.5 32.5 31.9 0.6 1051 23.82 739722 N 19.33
ACTIVEFINE 22.8 9.62 21 22.8 20.9 22.8 20.8 2 1391 46.44 2110799 B 130
ADNTEL 73.4 6.23 69.9 73.8 68.5 73.3 68 4.3 1656 97.92 1353469 A 26.85
ADVENT 28.5 4.4 27.4 28.9 27.2 28.5 27.3 1.2 795 48.9 1738426 B 22.02
AFCAGRO 25.5 9.91 23.4 25.5 23 25.5 23.2 2.3 651 22.04 885242 B 154.67
AFTABAUTO 26.7 26.6 27.1 26.3 26.9 26.7 132 2.47 92304 A
AGNISYSL 23.9 4.37 22.8 24.1 22.8 23.9 22.9 1 727 27.79 1178399 B 29.74
AGRANINS 48.2 -0.41 49 49 48 48.2 48.4 -0.2 396 6.9 143009 A 28.14
AIBL1STIMF 8.6 8.5 8.6 8.5 8.6 8.6 45 0.56 65598 A 4.7
AIBLPBOND 4665 4665 4665 4665 4665 4665 1 0.01 1 N
AIL 47.2 3.51 46 47.4 46 47.2 45.6 1.6 84 1.38 29599 A 31.45
ALARABANK 26.2 -0.38 26.3 26.3 26.2 26.2 26.3 -0.1 145 7.62 290536 A 10.91
AL-HAJTEX 105 -1.22 108.5 108.5 104.3 105 106.3 -1.3 536 21.87 207652 B 408.85
ALIF 13.3 2.31 12.9 13.4 12.9 13.3 13 0.3 775 28.27 2152406 B 29.55
ALLTEX 26.3 -0.38 26.5 27.4 26 26.3 26.4 -0.1 1033 41.85 1573256 Z
AMANFEED 39.8 -1 40 40.7 39.6 39.8 40.2 -0.4 784 23.02 573342 A 15.89
AMBEEPHA 469 -0.21 466.2 480 466.2 469 470 -1 132 2.61 5536 A
AMCL(PRAN) 306.4 -1.42 312 313.1 305 306.4 310.8 -4.4 585 11.65 37781 A 57.88
ANLIMAYARN 37.2 0.81 37.1 37.2 36.8 37.2 36.9 0.3 108 1.59 42886 B 738

Latest Share News

If you are really thinking of investing in Dhaka Stock Exchange and get involved in it, you will have to have a keen eye for every shared of news. Here we present the latest share updates and share news to you and on our site, you will keep finding this. According to the share news we get from last months, one of the major highlights was DSE witnessed as many as 22,000 crore taka returned to the stock exchange which created a giant leaf especially during this pandemic situation. By the last month, DSE also witnessed record-breaking numbers in the last six months.

However, there were low points as well. For example, the index went terribly down and it was also seen that the index went high to low drastically from morning to evening within a just few hours. All in all, the latest share news will put you to the utmost truth of any stock exchange- there are risks, there are matters of concerns, but still investing in the share market is always a high risk-high gain strategy and it is undoubtedly one of the major places for future investments and profits.


The application for the initial public offering (IPO) of Baraka Patenga Power Limited is starting from Sunday (June 13). The power company has been approved to raise money from the capital market through an initial public offering (IPO) in the book building method.

Baraka Patenga Power is a part of Baraka Power Limited. Baraka Power started its journey in 2006 by setting up a 51 MW power plant at Fenchuganj in Sylhet. Then in 2014, the company received permission from the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to set up a 50-megawatt furnace oil-fired power plant in Chittagong, Baraka Patenga Power.

As the first private sector power station, the World Bank has contributed to Baraka Power. The World Bank has invested 219.75 million in the company through Bangladesh Bank’s IPPF project cell. Karnafuli Power is a 110 MW Furnace Oil-based power plant, which started commercial production in 2019. It has a generating capacity of 105 MW and, its fuel is HFO. Investors interested in the stock market can apply for the company’s shares in the IPO from June 13 to 18. The company’s share price has been set at Tk 29 in the IPO.

The power company gives bidding for eligible investors to determine the share price. The IPO has fixed the price tag of the share, which is Tk. 29. It is based on the price offered by bidding investors. Baraka Patenga Power established two subsidiary firms as a result of the commercial success of these two power facilities. One is Karnafuli Power Limited and, the other is Baraka Shikalbaha Power Limited. Baraka Patenga Power owns a 51 percent stake in the two subsidiaries.

The equity investments will be used for Genset procurement. A Genset is a piece of equipment that converts heat capacity into mechanical energy. Then, it is subsequently turned into electrical energy. According to the financial statements for the financial year ended June 30, 2020, the company’s net asset value (NAV) per share is Tk. 23 per share. At the same time, the company’s combined earnings per share (EPS) stood at Tk 4.38, which is Tk 1.64.

Every investor who applies will receive shares in the IPO. An investor has to apply for a minimum of Rs 10,000 in an IPO at this price. And the maximum application can be 50 thousand rupees. Investors will be allotted shares at a proportional rate based on the application. The BSEC allowed the company to raise Tk 225 crore from the capital market. And the company is asked to collect the money through IPO.

By raising money from the capital market, Baraka Patenga Power’s subsidiary companies will invest in Karnafuli Power and Baraka Shikalbaha Power, as well as partial long-term debt repayment and IPO process costs. According to Gulam Rabbani Chowdhury, chairman of Baraka Power Patenga, “If the money from the IPO is not collected, both firms will have to seek alternate means of funding. The money is for paying such deferred obligations, which could be more expensive and result in reduced profitability.”

Get all the latest share news of DSE and the latest share price here on our site. Keep visiting us and allow us to serve you with all the needed information. Here we also published govt job circular 2022. So, keep visiting us and never miss any updates on the latest share price and related things. Thank you for your stay here.

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