DSEBD Latest Share Market Price By Value, Volume and Trade

DSEBD Latest Share Market Price By Value, Volume. DSE Latest share price by trade. For almost a year, the country’s stock market has been on an upward trend. As a result, investors forgot about the losses. Instead, they are taking profit one after another. In the meantime, the investors’ money has increased by about two lakh crore takas by increasing the share and unit prices of various companies. Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd Bangladesh dse market price. Thus, the prime price index of DSE has risen above one and a half thousand points.

DSEBD Latest Share Market Price Today

DSEBD Latest Share Market

DSEBD Latest Share price list. Experts said that how the share market is, it is overall risk-free. Meanwhile, they think that the share price of some companies has become overvalued. For this, investors are advised to invest carefully. They also described that, at present, the stock market price-earnings ratio or PE ratio is below 15. Investment is safe until the PE ratio is 20. The share prices of some companies have risen abnormally. In one year, the price has gone up by almost nine hundred percent. There are about two dozen companies whose prices have gone up after two hundred percent.

The share prices of most well-funded companies are noticeably low. So, companies with a PE ratio below 15 are suitable for investment in the share market. Investors have to be careful about their own money. The overall image of the company should be reviewed before investing. And, then the investors should make the decision. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid greed for extra profit and invest in more profitable companies instead of weak ones.

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Shakil Rizvi, the director of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, has described that the new commission of BSEC has undertaken better decisions to make the stock market better. There is an obligation to invest at least Rs 20,000 in applying for an IPO. Besides, the economy is in relatively good condition. Bank interest rates are also quite low. All in all, the stock market has done well in the last year. Now check the DSEBD Latest Share list today.

Latest Share Price of Dhaka Stock Exchange

DSEBD Latest Share Market Price

DSEBD Latest Share price by trading code. On March 8, 2020, the first coronavirus patient was identified in Bangladesh. It has crashed the stock market. The main price index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) decreased by 97 points on the same day. The main price index of DSE fell by 279 points on the next day. At that time, many people left the stock market by selling their shares at a loss. Unable to cope with the situation, the stock market was closed for 66 consecutive days. On the other hand, after the market was redefined in the last week of March and the first week of April this year, it did not take long for the share market to turn around. Currently, the share price of some companies has more than doubled in less than a month.

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DSEBD Latest Share price list. Among the companies that have seen a drastic change in share price in the last year are: Beximco, Prabhati Insurance, Bangladesh National Insurance, Asia Insurance, Pioneer Insurance, Global Insurance, Federal Insurance, Dhaka Insurance, Insurance, Insurance. BD Finance, Dhaka Dyeing, National Feed, Fortune Shoes.

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