Today Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka City

Today Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka City. Due to the ongoing war in Russia-Ukraine and several other reasons, the world economy is facing serious problems right now. As a part of that oil price went up and just like other countries, Bangladesh is also paying the toll as problem like load shedding has become so frequent now-a-days that even in recent past, it was quite unimaginable that there will be such cases. Today, in this article we will let you know all the details of load shedding schedule in Dhaka and we will discuss related issues as well. Get more updates on this topic here and continue reading the article.

For last two weeks or so, power cut and load shedding have been a common event in almost all the areas of Bangladesh and to lessen the sufferings of mass people in the country, the authority concerned had decided to publish load shedding schedule.

Today Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka City

Load Shedding Schedule in Bangladesh

As Bangladesh is currently struggling to purchase oil and necessary fuel to produce enough electricity for her people, the government decided to take the path of introducing power cut, commonly known as load shedding, which seemed obsolete for years in the country. But to ease the pain of people, the government ordered concerned authorities to publish and update a load shedding schedule time to time so that common people can know when there will be no electricity and they can plan their work and personal lives on basis of that.

There are several authorities who are deployed to serve the nation with power or electricity related services such as DPDC, DESCO, WZPDCL and so on and they are continuously uploading and updating the load shedding schedule time to time and on their websites, you will be able to get the routine and you need to visit these on regular basis to remain updated.

Today DPDC Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka on 13th Sep 2022

Sl No. Office Name Schedule
1 Adabor Download
2 Azimpur Download
4 Banglabazar Download
5 Bangshal Download
3 Banasree Download
6 Bashaboo Download
7 Demra Download
8 Dhanmondi Download
9 Fatulla Download
10 Jigatola Download
11 Jurain Download
13 Kamrangirchar Download
14 Kazla Download
15 Khilgaon Download
12 Kakrail Download
16 Lalbag Download
17 Maniknagar Download
18 Matuail Download
20 Motijheel Download
21 Mugdapara Download
19 Mogbazar Download
22 Narayangonj (east) Download
23 Narayangonj (west) Download
24 Narinda Download
25 Paribag Download
26 Postogola Download
27 Rajarbag Download
28 Ramna Download
29 Satmosjid Download
30 Shamoli Download
31 Sher-e-bangla nagar Download
32 Shyampur Download
33 Siddhirgonj Download
34 Sitalakhya Download
35 Swamibag Download
36 Tejgaon Download

Load Shedding Schedule in Dhaka

DPDC which stands for Dhaka Power Distribution Company, is the prime figure behind the electricity related services in the country. DPDC along with DESCO and other same level company provide load shedding schedule on their websites. Follow the below mentioned steps to complete the process:

  • From your web browser visit the website of DPDC. The link is given below:

  • Select the option labelled “Possible Load shedding Schedule” from the homepage.
  • Select the option and select the date and schedule option to open it.
  • You will find the list of the affected areas and timing as well.
  • You can download the PDF so that you can check on a regular basis and the information given on the forms are mostly correct apart from some irregularities in limited scale.


By this, you will be able to know all the details of load shedding schedule in Dhaka which is a must information under current scenario. So, follow the steps and get all the information like this. To know more on related topics, please continue reading articles here on our site. Stay connected with us and stay informed.

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