Student Life Composition in English

After reading this post, you can write a Student Life Composition suitable for the students of classes 9, 10, SSC, and HSC exam 2021. Student life is the life of preparation. Now, write a composition that is not more than 250 words about An ideal student.

Student Life Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Student Life CompositionStudent Life Composition

Introduction: Human life is divided into some periods. The period which is spent in educational institutions for getting an education is called student life. It is the seed time of human life. It is a period of preparation for earning knowledge and real life.

Duties of a student: The future of our life fully depends on the student’s life. It is the sowing season of our life. The future success or failure of a man depends on how he passes his student life. It is the time of preparation for the battle of life. Student life is free from all cares and anxieties. A student is the future of his family and that of a nation. Its pleasure is to acquire more and more knowledge.

The main object of a student is to devote to his study. All his learning should aim at cultivating good qualities. Proper use of time is the key to success. Waste of time and energy is very much harmful. The success and happiness of a student largely depend on it.

Social and nation duties: During his leisure time, he should take part in social service. In natural calamities like cyclones, drought, flood, etc. he has to stand by the distressed and the sufferers. He can play a role to remove illiteracy. He must be well disciplined and good-natured. He must show respect to his superiors. He must be polite, gentle, and modest in his behavior.

Conclusion: A student of today is the future leader. He must work hard to make himself a dignified person in the family, society, and country. Overall, he must be very active, dutiful, and sincere in his studies.

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