Physical Exercise Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Hey dear student, Health is wealth. Here I am going to share some short Compositions about Physical Exercise. JSC, SSC, HSC, and higher-level students surely find it helpful. I have written all the Composition on Physical exercising positive effects. Here you can find the Physical Exercise Composition in English with Bangla meaning on our website.

Physical Exercise Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Physical Exercise Composition

Physical exercise means the movement of limbs of our body. It is good for health. There are many kinds of physical exercise. All of them are not suitable for all persons. Some of them are suitable for the child. Some for the old and weak and some for the strong bodied. Traveling, riding, swimming, cycling, the game of football, cricket, Ha-du-du, volleyball, and walking are good exercises.

It is seen that many persons of ill health improve their health by taking physical exercise. A man may possess vast wealth still he cannot be happy in life if he does not possess good health. So physical exercising is essential for a person either male or female.

Physical exercise increases appetite and digesting power. It strengthens the limbs and muscles and helps the power of circulation of blood. It is the best and simplest way of being active. An idle person is easy prey to diseases whereas a person who takes exercise regularly can resist the attack of any disease. Then exercise is an abiding source of pleasure. It is also a form of discipline. It implies self-control and accordingly, strengthens the character.

It makes men capable of enduring hardship without injury and, as the mind is affected by the body, it gives them the power for performing better intellectual work. Since it is a fact that no one can become the possessor of a sound mind without a sound body, physical exercising does a lot to attain this goal.

We should physical exercise regularly in order to keep ourselves healthy. A sound mind lies in a sound body. As health is the source of all happiness in life, we should improve and preserve our health by taking regular exercise. So we should take regular physical exercise in order to maintain good health and lead a happy life.

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