Internet Composition in English With Words Meaning

The Internet is a new device for the speedy transmission of information in the process of computer networks. The Internet is now regarded as a milestone in the modern world of computers. The interweb is practically a network of all networks.

Internet Composition in English For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Computers are there all over the world. Different organizations use computers within their own jurisdiction by applying the networking process. In this way, networking processes are going on throughout the whole world. There are servers in all the important towns and cities. These servers serve local purposes. By a process of interlinking the servers through a satellite, the process of the interweb has been involved. Thus at a very cheap rate, anyone can keep communion with others in any part of the world.

The internet as a medium of worldwide communications is no personal affair. It is through the servers that news is communicated. A user may connect his telephone adjusted with a computer to the local server, which again transmits his news to another server in another part of the world. Thus the link is formed. The Internet is very important all over the world.

Under the modern system of telephone calls, a man in our land requires to spend taka ten or twenty minutes in communion. But if the same call could be transmitted through the Internet it will cost, say, not more than taka two or three. Thus local servers can use this system profitably. Nowadays people cannot live without the interweb.

There is tow process. Online and Offline the interweb. The former process is the process of connecting a computerized telephone line with a service provider of the Internet. With the help of this process, a user can connect has a line with the provider any time he likes.

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