Teletalk Internet Offer 2022 Today Update

By Hafsa - 10 January 2022

Teletalk internet offers 2022. Teletalk is one of the SIM operators in Bangladesh. Because no other operator offers so much internet like this one. One of the reasons Teletalk internet offers is that this operator’s subscribers are fewer, so they provide customer service with more offers. There are numerous internet offers to enjoy internet offers using Teletalk Bornomala and Oporajita SIM. How to check teletalk number?. Here we provide all questions and answers about the Teletalk internet offers today.

Teletalk Internet Offer in All SIM

However, at present, this operator’s number of subscribers is increasing. So they are offering more internet offers. Let us know the Teletalk internet offer for you today, and use the internet as you wish by accepting the offer of your choice. Teletalk SIM operators have Oporajita and Bornomala SIM internet offers, which customers take advantage of these offers. So let’s not look at the offer codes. The details of Teletalk Internet offers are given below:

Teletalk Internet Offer

Teletalk Agami SIM Internet Offer

Internet PackagePriceValidityActivation Code
1 GB22 BDT7 Days*111*600#
1 GB45 BDT30 Days*111*601#
2 GB81 BDT30 Days*111*602#
3 GB55 BDT10 Days*111*603#
5 GB91 BDT15 Days*111*605#
10 GB177 BDT30 Days*111*610#

Teletalk Regular Internet Offer

Internet PackagePrice ListValidity Activation Code
1 GB21 BDT3 Days*111*534#
1 GB27 BDT7 Days*111*27#
1 GB49 BDT30 Days*111*49#
2 GB93 BDT30 Days*111*93#
3 GB44 BDT5 Days*111*44#
3 GB66 BDT10 Days*111*66#
10 GB97 BDT10 Days*111*97#
25 GB198 BDT10 Days*111*198#
30 GB344 BDT30 Days*111*344#
100 MB9 BDT5 Days*111*501#
500 MB26 BDT30 Days*111*503#
3.5 GB78 BDT10 Days*111*511#
3 GB139 BDT30 Days*111*531#
5 GB201 BDT30 Days*111*532#
10 GB239 BDT30 Days*111*550#
15 GB129 BDT7 Days*111*551#
20 GB301 BDT30 Days*111*552#
45 GB445 BDT30 Days*111*445#

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Offers

Internet PackagePrice ListValidityActivation Code
1 GB24 BDT7 Days*111*611#
1 GB46 BDT30 Days*111*612#
2 GB83 BDT30 Days*111*613#
3 GB62 BDT10 Days*111*614#
5 GB96 BDT15 Days*111*615#
10 GB186 BDT30 Days*111*616#

Teletalk Oporajita SIM Offers

Internet PackagePrice ListValidityActivation Code
1 GB8 BDT7 Days*111*8#
1 GB19 BDT3 Days*111*19#
2 GB38 BDT7 Days*111*38#
10 GB156 BDT15 Days*111*156#

Now we provide some important questions and answer about Teletalk Internet offer 2022

How to check teletalk number?

Answer: Please Dial *551# ‎

How to check teletalk balance?

Answer: You have to dial *152#

How to check teletalk internet balance?

Answer: You just need to dial *152#

How to see teletalk number?

Answer: Dial here *551# ‎

How to know teletalk number?

Answer: Please you have to dial *551# ‎

We hope you find out all the Teletalk Internet offers of Teletalk operators from our article. Now you can buy and use as many internet packs as you like. Thank you for reading this article. Stay with us.



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