Gold Price In Bangladesh Today

Welcome to our today’s article. Here we will discuss such a topic that carries a great deal of importance to many people in our country. The topic is gold prices in Bangladesh. Under this umbrella term, we will discuss a wide range of specific topics, including gold price in bd today, separate types of gold, gold price in Bangladesh today per vori, and many other topics. Please continue reading this article here to know more specifically about these topics or related things.

Today Gold Price in Bangladesh

When it comes to gold and its price, it is indeed such a thing that varies from time to time depending on several factors. First of all, gold is considered one of the most precious things, and people here absolutely love gold or anything somewhat related to this. As there is no gold mine found in Bangladesh, it also adds up valuation, and people often go crazy to buy and store gold as much as they can. Our topic will also cover 22-carat gold prices in Bangladesh, 22k gold prices in Bangladesh today, and many other topics. We will also present the calculation formula to Vori, Aana, and Ratti, representing different gold weights.

That is why the gold market in Bangladesh or the gold rate in Bangladesh often fluctuates, and you cannot determine 100% accurately what will be the gold price in bd today. However, Bangladesh Jewelers Associations, the organizing body that controls the gold rate, tries to dictate and set the current gold price in Bangladesh, including 24k gold price in Bangladesh today and 21k gold price in Bangladesh today.

In addition to that, the gold price in Bangladesh and the silver price in Bangladesh depend on the situations or market differences between different countries, including the United States, UK, Australia, India, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and many others. Most of these countries have lower gold prices than Bangladesh, and Bangladeshi people buy gold from abroad. Moreover, fraudulent activities in the country also encourage the buyers to buy gold from abroad rather than spend money on the home country. These issues directly influence the gold rate in Bangladesh.

Here we provide Gold price in Bangladesh according to BAJUS of 19 January 2022.

No  Weight  Carat Price
1 Per Gram GOLD (Sanatan) 4365 BDT
2 Per Gram 18 Carat Gold 5250 BDT
3 Per Gram 21 Carat Gold 6000 BDT
4 Per Gram 22 Carat Gold 6270 BDT
5 Per Gram 24 Carat Gold 6600 BDT

Types of Golds in Bangladesh

Gold Price in Bangladesh

There are several types of gold available in the market. A separate set of measurements is used to denote the quality of gold. Generally, the measurement is called Carat, which also denotes the purity of the gold. Based on the quality or purity of the gold, there are 24 Carat, 22 Carat, 18 Carat gold, etc. Have a look at the list below to know more on this:

  • 24k means 100% pure gold
  • 22k means 91.7%
  • 18k means purity of gold is 75%
  • 14k means it is 58.3%
  • 12k denotes it is 50% pure gold
  • 10k means it is 41.7% pure

Details on 24k Gold

24k gold is the purest form of goal that can be available as it is indeed the piece of gold filled with the possible amount of gold. 24k gold also means the element is full of gold and it is 100% pure, and there is no other metal mixed. The color that is originated from this sort of 100% mixture is somewhat different than what we call the golden color. It is brighter yellow, and this is the purest form of gold available. This gold is sold in the form of coins or gold bars, and these are not that much available until or unless you have certain authority to carry these.

Details on 22k Gold

If the whole portion of gold is divided into 24 parts, then 22k gold will denote that the amount of gold available here is 22 out of those 24 parts. In terms of percentage, the purity level is 91.7% which means it is almost pure, but still, there is a certain portion that is not pure gold, and other metal is mixed here. Now, you can assume 22k gold price in Bangladesh or any other country will certainly be less than the 24k gold price. You will get it. The better idea is to discuss the 24k gold price in BD and the 22k gold price in BD in later parts of the content.

18k Gold

When it comes to 18k gold, you can already tell it is even lesser pure than the 22k one. When it comes to the purity percentage, it is 75% pure gold. This means 25% of other metals are also used here, making the 18k gold price less expensive than the existing ones. In terms of portion, if there are 24 parts available, there will be 18 parts of pure gold and six parts of other material used.

The same goes for 14, 12, 10k gold as well. You can check the purity percentage from the list given above. This is the standard format following which gold-related exchange happens here in our country.

How to Buy Gold in Bangladesh?

When it comes to buying gold in Bangladesh, there are two processes through which gold is sold and bought. You can buy gold bars at a low price and sell them higher if you have a certain authority. Generally, mass people in Bangladesh buy gold from jewelry shops and goldsmiths as it is more affordable. The price and quality of these golds largely depend on the mutual trust and relation between buyer and seller as this process is followed all over the country, making it a distinct business between the two sides. The industry depends largely on these relations, and gold in Bangladesh always carries high demand among the buyers as it is considered one of the most precious assets that one can possess.

Gold Buying Experience and Related Stuff

If you want to buy gold in Bangladesh, it surely means there is any occasion you need to address. For example, many people here buy gold for wedding purposes as it is indeed a must when it comes to wedding season in Bangladesh. People offer gold to the newly married couple, especially the bride, as giving gold in the form of a wedding Denmmohor is a must here in Islam also in this part of the world. When it comes to buying gold, jewelry shops are the direct source from where you can buy depending on the current gold price in Bangladesh.

You will have to pay the gold price in carat and the VAT to the government following the legal procedures to buy gold. And if you want to sell gold to a nearby store, it should be kept clear in your mind that you might need to show evidence that this is your gold and this belongs just to you. It is also mandatory to understand that the price won’t remain the same when you tend to sell when you want to buy. All the information and money receipts should be kept safe to avoid legal issues in this case.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

If you want to know details on today’s gold rate in Bangladesh, you should know that we are talking about Vori, a certain measurement through which gold is measured here in our country. We often calculate the gold price per vori in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Jewelers Samity, also known as BAJUS, is the authority concerned who controls the gold rate in Bangladesh. As you have already known reading this article or by your means, the gold rate varies depending on the carat, and here are some demonstrations to make you understand a bit:
Gold Price In Bangladesh

  • 24k gold price in Bangladesh today: Per gram-6500 taka
  • Today 22k gold price in Bangladesh: Per gram 6300 taka
  • 21 Carat gold price in Bangladesh: Per Gram 6000 taka

Following the same process, we can also denote the silver price in Bangladesh today as silver, another precious piece of jewelry, is sold following the exact format stated above. But the price of silver is understandably lower than the price of gold.

How to Calculate Gold Weight- Vori, Aana, Ratti

When it comes to calculating the weight of gold- vori, aana, ratti, etc. words are used to measure the different amounts in gold. Gram to vori, aana, etc. calculation formula is similar to the ones mentioned below:

  • 1 vori= 11.66 Gram
  • 1 vori= 16 Aana
  • 1 vori= 64.07 Ratti

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori

Today, the gold price in Bangladesh can be quite similar to the rates mentioned below. But first, you should understand that this is just an assumption. For better accuracy, you should understand the fluctuation of the gold rate due to several factors involved in this industry.

  • 22k 1 Vori Gold Price: 73, 500 Taka
  • 22k 1 Vori Gold Price: 70, 500 Taka
  • 18k 1 Vori Gold Price: 61, 500 Taka

Factors Involved in the Rise of Gold Price in Bangladesh

Gold price in Bangladesh stays high on most occasions. First of all, gold is a high-demand special product in Bangladesh. People love to buy gold, which is one of the prime reasons. Bangladesh is also a land of grand weddings where gold is considered a medium of sharing joy. Weddings happen throughout the year, and it keeps the demand high. Apart from this, most people here are Muslims who tend to buy gold during two Eids- Eid-Ul-Azha and Eid-Ul-Fitr. Lastly, the share market also plays an important role as when the share market is down, the gold market generally stays high.

When Gold Price in Bangladesh Goes Down?

Generally, gold price in Bangladesh stays a bit down in October, November, and December, compared to the other season. These are the closing times which see a major drop often. In addition to this, during any economic crisis in the country, the gold price stays low. When the share market is up, the gold price drops as people tend to invest more in shares rather than in the gold market. These are some factors that play a negative role in the gold market. You can use this period to buy gold on a comparatively limited budget.

Gold Purchase Guide: Risk Issues, Safety, and Return Policy

Gold is a precious metal, and like all other precious things, the risk is also involved in buying it. People usually buy gold from jewelry shops. Before buying, make sure the jewelry shop is enlisted under local jewelry sanity. Every Upazila in Bangladesh has such Samiti, who can confirm the shop’s authenticity selling gold. When you buy or sell gold, make sure it is checked and double-checked, and transaction money is kept safe, avoiding any public display as we all know the odd situations in Bangladesh.

Try to buy gold from old and loyal shops. Several famous jewelry shops in Bangladesh have been operating this business for years. Try to buy from these shops and also check their return policy. Of course, you will take cash memos or related documents for your further need. Knowing details on the memo and return policy are also mandatory.

Try to know if the seller has any conditions to return the gold. Often seller deducts your payment when it comes to giving back if you want to return gold bough from his/ her shop. Have a clear look at the return policies to avoid this penalty. Have a good conversation with the seller and try to build a good relationship as it will come in handy in the future. After all, trust is everything here.


Thank you so much for staying with us and reading this article. To know more about the gold rate in Bangladesh, types of gold in Bangladesh, or any other gold-related topic, please continue reading our blog as we will cover everything just for you. Stay with us and remain updated. Take care.

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