Best Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume For Your Little One

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a much-loved children’s book, and dressing up as the caterpillar for Halloween is a popular choice for kids (and adults!)

This costume is fairly simple to put together – all you need is a green bodysuit (or leotard and tights), some green felt, and some wire. For the headpiece, cut a circular piece of green felt and attach it to a headband. Then, create the caterpillar’s segmented body by cutting out felt circles and attaching them to the green bodysuit with wire.

Why Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume Is Necessary?

When it comes to hosting a themed birthday party, few costumes are as iconic and easily recognizable as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This beloved character from Eric Carle’s classic storybook has been a staple of children’s parties for generations, and there are few things more adorable than seeing a little one dressed up as a caterpillar!

While there are many different ways to get your child’s costume, one of the best options is definitely buying a pre-made Very Hungry Caterpillar costume. These costumes come in all sorts of sizes for babies, toddlers, and even some kids’ sizes too! Best of all, they take away all the hassle of putting together your own DIY costume – simply slip it on and you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for the cutest very hungry caterpillar costume around this year, then be sure to check out our top picks below.

Benefits of Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

If you’re looking for a great costume for your child this Halloween, consider the Very Hungry Caterpillar. This classic children’s book character is not only adorable, but also easy to make. Best of all, the Very Hungry Caterpillar offers many benefits that other costumes simply can’t match.

One of the best things about the Very Hungry Caterpillar costume is that it is so versatile. You can easily add or remove accessories to create different looks. For example, you could add a pair of antennae for a more traditional caterpillar look, or omit them altogether for a cuter approach. Either way, your child will be sure to stand out in this unique costume!

Another great benefit of the Very Hungry Caterpillar costume is that it provides an excellent way to teach your child about nature and science. The book itself contains tons of information about caterpillars and their life cycles.

Buying Guide for Best Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a very hungry caterpillar costume. First, consider the size of the costume. It should be large enough to fit comfortably over your child’s clothes. Second, think about the materials the costume is made from. The most popular options are polyester and cotton. However, there are also costumes made from fleece or wool. Third, decide how much you want to spend on the costume. Prices can range from under $20 to over $100. fourth, take into account any accessories you may need to complete the look, such as a green headband or antennae. fifth, read online reviews before making your purchase to ensure you’re getting a quality product.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best very hungry caterpillar costume?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference. Some people may prefer a more traditional caterpillar costume that resembles the character from the book, while others may prefer a more creative and unique costume. Ultimately, the best very hungry caterpillar costume is the one that makes the wearer feel the most comfortable and confident.

Where can I find a very hungry caterpillar costume?

One possible place to find a very hungry caterpillar costume is at a local costume shop. Another option is to search for the costume online.

How do I make a very hungry caterpillar costume?

There are a few ways that you can make a very hungry caterpillar costume. One way is to purchase a green bodysuit and attach green and yellow felt circles to it to create the caterpillar’s segments. Another way is to create a green tunic out of felt or fabric and stuff it with pillow stuffing to create a 3D effect. You can also make a simple no-sew costume by cutting a hole in the center of a green shirt and attaching green and yellow felt circles around the hole.

What is the most popular very hungry caterpillar costume?

Some of the most popular very hungry caterpillar costumes include those that feature the character’s signature striped body and green head, as well as those that are designed to look like the caterpillar in its cocoon stage. Whichever costume you choose, be sure to accessorize with a pair of antennae and some green face paint to really bring the look to life!

What are some creative ways to wear a very caterpillar costume?

Some creative ways to wear a caterpillar costume include turning the costume into a headdress, using the costume as part of a larger insect-themed costume, or wearing the costume with a green bodysuit to create a more realistic look.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a great choice for your little one’s first Halloween costume! It is easy to wear and sure to get lots of laughs and compliments.

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