Traffic Jam Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam 2022

Traffic Jam is the clogging up of too many vehicles in one place. It is a great problem and nuisance for modern society. The place may be a street or a highway. It is not uncommon in our country, particularly in Dhaka city. It causes unspeakable sufferings for urban people. It happens when different vehicles want to move ahead, overtaking each other.

On the other hand, our traffic police are not sincere. They often do not do their duties honestly. So, the unfavorable street conditions and traffic rules are other reasons for traffic problems. We feel much helpless and frustrated when we get stuck in a Traffic Jam. Many people fail to attend their official duty in time.

Traffic Jam Paragraph

The worst victims are the patients carried in the ambulances to hospitals and clinics. Rickshaw-pullers and taxi drivers also suffer a lot because they lose their time moving very slowly towards their destination. The transportation of the daily commodities gets delayed. Traffic Jams can be removed if some measures can be taken judiciously. Exemplary punishment should be given to the drivers who do not obey traffic rules.

Widening the streets, making flyovers at the main crossings, reducing the member of rickshaws, and growing public awareness are necessary for removing Traffic jams. Above all, the traffic authority should be more active in enforcing traffic rules and maintaining discipline on the roads.

Traffic Jam Paragraph With Words Meaning For SSC Exam 2021

Traffic Jam is the name of the worst suffering to the dwellers of Dhaka. It means a long line of vehicles on the road leading to a serious roadblock. This problem is not confirmed in Dhaka city only. It is a common picture of almost all the major roads of Bangladesh. It is even seen on the rural roads. There are many causes behind it. Firstly, most of our drivers are not aware of the traffic rules. They also willingly break the traffic rules.

This led to a serious Traffic Jam. Again, plying various vehicles at different speeds causes traffic problems. For instance, rickshaws, the slowest vehicles, are responsible for causing traffic problems in Dhaka city. After that, water clogging on the roads leads to traffic problems. Reckless parking is also a prime cause of Traffic jams. The occupying of the footpaths also block the roads.

Finally, the narrowness of our roads is the main cause of it. However, traffic problems affect us negatively. It wastes our valuable time. We feel bored at the time of traffic jams. Sometimes serious patients die before reaching the hospital. It reduces working hours and capacity. This hampers our economy. So we must lessen traffic jams.

Firstly, more fly-overs should be built. Secondly, the roads should be built wider. After that, traffic rules should be implemented properly. We hope that we will become free from clutch traffic jams within this decade.

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