SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 PDF New Update Syllabus

The Education Ministry of Bangladesh has decided to shorten the SSC Syllabus for SSC examinee 2021. The authority will publish soon the SSC new short syllabus 2021. SSC Short Syllabus 2021 Publish Date Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. The new short syllabus of this year’s School Secondary Certificate and equivalent exams will be published on February 2021, says the education ministry. A new short syllabus of SSC level students will be published on 7th February 2021 by and also published on our website.

SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

SSC New Short Syllabus 2021
Ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought about menace towards mankind. Almost all the educational institutions remain shut-down due to ongoing pandemics and an auto-pass system was needed to publish both SSC and HSC results. As the whole world is looking forward to resuming normal life, next time there will be an exam of SSC candidates and HSC as well.

The education ministry already decided that the syllabus of SSC and HSC of ongoing students will be curtailed and the exam will follow the curtailed syllabus. Sources from Bangladesh ministry of education has already confirmed that and all the process has already been started on this regard. Now see the SSC new short Syllabus 2021.

NCTB SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

Earlier on Friday, February 3, 2021, it was reported that the Secondary School Certificate exam will be held for next year terminating the auto-pass system which existed just for one year. However, the syllabus of SSC will not remain the same and this is quite understandable as the students are out of school for almost a year. The same process will be followed in HSC as well and the next HSC exam will also see the exam taken on basis of the curtailed or reduced syllabus, as several sources of the authority concerned have already confirmed.

Where to Find SSC Short Syllabus?

As we already know that the SSC syllabus will be a short one for next year’s exam, the next question comes automatically- what will be the SSC exam syllabus, and where it will be found. The syllabus will be reduced on which means a few chapters will be curtailed from the relevant NCTB books of the respective subjects. The syllabus will be available on the official website of NCTB. In addition to that, a short syllabus of SSC will also be available at relevant educational institutions.

SSC New Short Syllabus 2021 for all Group –

  1. Math Syllabus
  2. Bangla 1st Paper syllabus
  3. Career Education Syllabus
  4. Bangla 2nd Paper Syllabus
  5. English 1st Paper Syllabus
  6. English 2nd Paper Syllabus
  7. Islam and moral education Syllabus
  8. Hindu Religion and Moral Education Syllabus
  9. Christo Religion and Moral Education Syllabus
  10. Buddhist Religion and Moral Education Syllabus

Science Group New Syllabus 2021

  1. Physics Syllabus
  2. Biology Syllabus
  3. Chemistry Syllabus
  4. Higher Maths Syllabus

Business Studies New Syllabus 2021

  1. Accounting Syllabus
  2. Business Enterprise Syllabus
  3. Finance and Banking Syllabus

Humanities (Arts) SSC New Syllabus 2021

  1. ICT Syllabus
  2. Civics Syllabus
  3. History Syllabus
  4. Science Syllabus
  5. Economics Syllabus
  6. Agriculture Syllabus
  7. Arts and Craft Syllabus
  8. Home Science Syllabus
  9. Physical Education Syllabus
  10. Geography and Environment Syllabus
  11. Bangladesh and Global Studies Syllabus

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