Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith Exam Result 2021

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith Exam Result 2021. Dawra-e-Hadith Exam Result 2021 will be published on 11th July. There is good news for the Master’s student in Qawmi Madrasa. The incident of publishing the results of the Hadith (Master’s equivalent) examination in the run-up to the 2021 stage of Qawmi Madrasa has been published. Students got the results of the July test on July 11, 2021.

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith Exam Result 2021

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith Result 2021. The board standing committee arranges a meeting to publish the result. Qaumi Madrasa Education Board Al-Hayatul Ulaya Lil-Jami ‘Atil Qaumiya Bangladesh office publish the exam result. The approximate date of publication of the result sheet of the Hadith (Tamil) examination in Daora was decided on 11/06/2021. In the Arabic calendar, the date is at 30 Zilqad, 1442 AH.

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith Exam Result

Achiur Rahman, the Board Office Secretary, said that the results of the Hadith examination are prepared in Daora. And the result sheet is in the final stage. The standing committee of the board decides by calling a meeting. They decided that students will get the final results of the hadith examination on 11/07/2021.

Daura-e-Hadith Result 2021

Muhtaram Chairman of Al-HayatulUlaya Lil-Jami’atil Qaumiya Bangladesh, Allama Mahmudul Hasan presided over the board meeting at Motijheel in the capital. Al-Hayat Ulaya Lil-Jami’atilQawmia is a government-recognized Islamic board of Qawmi madrasas in Bangladesh. On 11/04/2016, the Government decided to give the status of Masters of Hadith (Islamic Education and Arabic) to the highest level of Qawmi Madrasa under this board. This status was implemented as in Act No. 46 of the year 2017 of the National Parliament.

The board will be responsible for preparing the syllabus, question papers, and conducting examinations. The board also gives the award certificates among the students of Qawmi Madrasa. Besides, the postgraduate degree will be impactful for the madrasa student; registered under the board. A bill permits Dawrae Hadith (Takmil) certificate in Qawmi Madrasa as the title of a postgraduate degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic. Here we also published HSC Result 2021.

Takmil Exam Result 2021

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith masters result from 2021. Previous Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid titled the bill- Making Dawrae Hadith (Takmil) Certificate in Qawmi Madrasah Equivalent to Master’s Degree (Islamic Studies and Arabic). This process needs a voice vote in the parliament. The bill will have an excellent effect on the students pursuing higher studies in Islamic studies and Arabic. Also, this encourages those who have acquired Dawrae Hadith degrees after the recognition in April 2017. They will also be considered master’s degree holders.

You will find Hadith Qawmi Madrasa Al HayatulUliya Lil Jamiatil Qawmia in all the six boards of Qawmi Madrasa under Bangladesh. The boards are- Befaqul Madarisil Arabia, Bangladesh Anjumane Ittehadul Madaris, Bangladesh Befaqul Madarisil Qawmia Gowhardanga, Azad Deeni EdarayeTalim Bangladesh, Tanzimul Madarisil Qawmia Bangladesh, and National Religious Madrasa Education Board Bangladesh. This time the number of Hadith (Master’s equivalent) candidates in Daora is more than 22,000. Qawmi Madrasah Board Result website

Qawmi Dawra-e-Hadith result 2021. It may be mentioned that from 03/06/2021 to 06/06/2021. The Hadith examination started in 222 examination centers across the country on the same question paper. The exams in 13 subjects ended on 06/06/2021. The board conducts exams in two shifts every day due to strict restrictions during the exams.

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