Price Hike Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam 2022

Hey dear students, today I will share a short paragraph on Price Hike for SSC and HSC level students. You can find the Price Hike paragraph with Bangla meaning on our website. Price Hike Paragraph for class 8 students. One more thing, you may write the name of the paragraph as Causes of Price Hike. People pointed out black money, greediness of businessmen, extra imposed tax and VAT, changing lifestyle of people, increased demand of people, etc.

Write a paragraph on Price-Hike. You must include the answers to the following questions.

Price Hike Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam
(a) What is a price-hike?
(b) What are the causes of it in Bangladesh?
(c) What is its impact on our society?
(d) Who are the worst sufferers of it?
(e) How can it be controlled?

Price Hike Paragraph For SSC Exam 2022

A price hike means an unusual increase in the prices of daily necessaries. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon in Bangladesh, and the problem is getting worse day by day. Market syndicate is mostly responsible for this price-hike in Bangladesh. Besides, some dishonest traders create an artificial crisis by starting essential commodities to make a huge profit. Other factors which cause price hikes are less agricultural production due to natural disasters, lack of raw materials, want for speedy communication, political instabilities, money inflation at the national level, etc.

Price-hike causes unrest in society. The lives of common people are under great threat. Prices of essential commodities go beyond the capacity of the poor and fixed-income people. More or less, most people suffer from the problem of price hikes. It is a problem that cannot be solved overnight.

The Government should take both immediate and long-term steps to reduce price hikes. Any syndicates of the businessmen are to be suppressed boldly, and money inflation should be controlled. The agricultural sector should be given priority in the annual budget. A the same time, public awareness should also be raised against price-hike.

Price Hike Paragraph For HSC Exam 2022

A price hike means an increase in daily goods and commodities. The rest price hike has become a usual phenomenon in our country. From food products to many other Teresa found in the exchange of absurd price in the brunt of price hike, our people say that in the market fire is burning pause lessly. Oil price, electric and gas bill vehicle rent all these are going out of the reach of common people. Due to the defect oft mechanism frequent Inflation OCCUS country.

The hoarders are storing goods illegally, leading free to the dog’s corruption, and the result is going towards the price hike. In proportion to Inflation, the price hike is more acute in our country as there are many dishonest businessmen in our country. They some spray rumor in the air regarding the coming budget of the country and increase the market price Income of our commoners do not suit the price hike even in the least.

So most land people cannot make both ends meet for the reinless market price. This price hike sold be thwarted a paralleled phase in the nation and society.

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