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Welcome to our today’s topic. If you are looking for a job, especially a government one, the national pay scale is something of which you should have a clear idea. The pay scale denotes the range of payment you will get through your job, and you can already understand it is the most important piece of information you need to know when you are finalizing your aim for that job. Today we will let you know all the details of the latest update of the national pay scale, the national pay scale 2015 as the topic of our today’s content. Please, continue reading to know more about this topic.

About Salary Scale 2015

The salary pay scale approved by Bangladesh Government was last updated in 2015, which is the standard form of payment in terms of a government job at present. According to the national pay scale, there are different categories based on which the salaries of government employees are distributed in different parts of the country in different government offices. The pay scale was passed at that time, and the Cabinet Secretary said that according to this, the pay scale would be set, and selection of grades would be done.

National pay scale 2015

It was also said that the increment would be based on the percentage of the basic pay. Many changes were made during the national pay scale 2015, salaries were revised, and a new scale was formed. Significant improvements were done, and salaries were increased as well. The details on this have been added in the latter part of this article.

Pay Scale 2015 BD: Changes Made in this Update

The salaries were increased significantly. For example, in the earlier edition, the salary of Grade 1 employees was 40,000, and it has been updated to 78,000 in the 8th National PayScale, which we are also referring to as the National Pay Scale 2015. Salaries were increased following this order, and from Grade 1 to Grade 20, there were significant adjustments made. In Grade 20, according to the national pay scale 2015 of bd, the salary was increased to 8,250 Taka from 4100 Taka. So, you can say that according to pay scale 2015, the salary from grade 20 to grade 1 was set in a range between Taka 8,250 to Taka 78,000.

Grade list 7th National Pay Scale 8th National Pay Scale
Grade 1 40,000 78,000
Grade 2 33,500 66,000
Grade 3 29,000 56,000
Grade 4 25,750 50,000
Grade 5 22,250 43,000
Grade 6 18,500 35,500
Grade 7 15,000 29,000
Grade 8 12,000 23,000
Grade 9 11,000 22,000
Grade 10 8,000 16,000
Grade 11 6,400 12,000
Grade 12 5,900 11,300
Grade 13 5,500 11,000
Grade 14 5,200 10,200
Grade 15 4,900 9,700
Grade 16 4,700 9,300
Grade 17 4,500 9,000
Grade 18 4,400 8,800
Grade 19 4,250 8,500
Grade 20 4,100 8,250

National Pay Scale PDF

The complete guideline and figures of the national pay scale according to the eighth pay scale of the country will be found here on our site. You can download the pay scale 2015 pdf format from our site, where you get all the charts and tables to know which job offers how much money. The updated PDF file has all the information regarding pay scale 2015 and bonuses percentages and is assured on the gazette published at that time.


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