Indian Visa Application Process in Bangladesh

Today we will discuss how to apply for an Indian Visa. Bangladeshi citizens who want to travel to India seek a visa for various reasons. Approximately an Indian Visa takes 5 to 7 working days to process depending on the applicant’s profile, the embassy, and the reason behind visiting. Applicants can find the application from the website and apply it as per instruction. They can also pay by e-payment using the service provider’s payment system or through any legal agency. To know more information regarding the Indian visa application process please go through this article.

Indian Visa Application Form

Indian Visa Application Process

Interested applicants should visit the website to get the application form. This form is meant for one person only, separate applicant must fill their own form. The applicants should be very careful while filling the form and should fill it as per instruction. The applicants are asked to recheck every personal information before submitting their form because after submission no further modification can be done. They should also keep the Application ID for further communication with the authority.

Indian Visa Application Requirements

The Consulate of India requires a visa application form that is completed online. The following requirements are needed for a tourist/business Indian visa.

  1. Passport: Applicants must bring their original valid passport with a copy of their previous passports and visas and attach their old passports if they have any.
  2. Photo Requirement: Applicants must submit their recent passport size photo (2 copies) with normal non-smiling expression and all-white background with no border and size should be a maximum 300 kb.
  3. Forwarding Letter: Applicant if a student must submit a visa request letter from the educational institute or student id/ other evidence. If an employee must submit NOC from the company authority and the letter should mention the applicant’s personal information as well as the reason behind the visit.
  4. Proof of Occupation: Applicants have to provide their company registration certificate as well as a copy of Office ID.
  5. Financial Details: Applicants have to submit their Company’s or personal bank statement of the last six months as their financial clarification.

Besides all this, applicants also need to provide their application form, national ID card copy, driver’s license, electricity bill, or other proof of residence, etc.

Indian Visa Validity

India visa validity depends on the purpose of the visit. Those who want to travel to India for tourism or short-term business-related work should apply for a 1-year visa only. Please keep that in mind before applying 5 or 10 years visas are least likely to be issued for any short term activities.

That’s all for today, for a more informative article like this or any information regarding Indian Visa please keep an eye on our website. Thank you.

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