How to get a movement pass during lockdown

Police to Issue Movement Pass in just 30 Seconds during Lockdown. Amidst another wave of ongoing coronavirus in Bangladesh, the country will be going for a strict lockdown applicable from the very first day of Bengali New Year. The movement of vehicles will be restricted, as the government will try hard to take necessary measures to stop the massive outbreak of an ongoing pandemic. Several instructions have been given while the authority concerned is taking new measures to face the problems.

How to get a movement pass during lockdown for Dhaka City

How to get a movement pass during lockdown

One of the key features in terms of the movement of vehicles is that the government will issue a movement pass without which no one can move from here and there. The IGP of Bangladesh Police Mr. Benazir Ahmed has recently provided a new update on this regard and the statement issues that it will not take more than 30 seconds to issue a movement pass as all the process will be done automatically by the computer monitoring system.

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Earlier on April 13, 2021, an app was launched which is dedicated completely to issue movement pass during this lockdown and all the instructions are given there. The IGP said, ‘If anyone wants to move from one place or another place, that person will have to take movement pass. We are trying to issue it with minimum hustle and time.’

He also added that just about 30 seconds will be required to issue a movement pass and any person can use a mobile or computer to issue a movement pass on his or her behalf during the lockdown period. It was also clarified that one phone number can be used just once to issue a movement pass.

The IGP of the Police also opined that the government is taking the maximum amount of initiatives to ensure the effectiveness of the upcoming lockdown and the movement pass system is certainly one of the most important ones among them.

The link related to the movement pass system of BD police has been given below for your need. Thanks for staying with us.

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