Female Education Composition in English

The number of females in our country is equal to that of males. Most of our people do not know how to read or write. From the very beginning of introducing formal education, religious misinterpretation created a bar to the path of female education. It has a great disadvantage. It has not yet been possible to remove that disadvantage. As a result, our women are still in darkness.

Female Education Essay in English With Words Meaning

Female Education Composition

On the contrary, women in developed countries are advancing smoothly. They have successfully established themselves in educational, scientific, industrial, cultural, philosophical, political arenas. The women of these countries have also successfully led independent and individual lives in society. As they have successfully exposed their talent in politics and politicization, men do not neglect them.

Napoleon said, “Give me an educated mother. I shall give you an educated nation.” The nation cannot progress without educated mothers. Therefore, the necessity of female education is unlimited. Many obstacles to female education in the underdeveloped world have been created. Especially, male domination, religious prejudices, etc., hinders female education.

Women should be made free by spreading female education. They should be equal education opportunities. More schools and colleges should be set up to spread girls’ education. Besides, they should be encouraged to get an education.

The spread of literacy and education among both males and females can ensure the progress of our country. The women should no longer be neglected. They stay with men in the development of the state. The more important of girls education in all over the world. Our main strength of existence comes from females.

Therefore, all of us should actively come forward to spread female education. It is heartening to notice that the government has taken substantial measures to enhance girls’ education.

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