Eve-teasing Composition in English

Eve-teasing is the latest menace. Eve-Teasing menace in the present time. Nowadays, it has been a great problem in present time. Nowadays, it continental region is afflicted with this malaise. Neighboring countries like Sri Lanka. India and Pakistan, etc., show similar ratios of Eve teasing.

Eve-teasing Composition For SSC and HSC Exam 2022

Eve-teasing Composition

Eve teasing is a terrific experience for women. It can leave deep psychological scars which can be hard to heal. Generally, parents concerned about the safety and honor of their daughters can literally ruin their future. Ironically, teasing has dangerous consequences for women and not for men as it can deprive them of their freedom, nutrition, and education.

Very often victims are blamed for this and it appears that males have got a license to indulge in any sort of lecherous behavior and can go away with it. The male dominating nature of our society has not been able to deal with incidents of Eve-teasing in the right way. No one can explain the truth of Eve’s teasing and sexual harassment better than the female who is the victim.

The affected women are not in a position to protest the crime in. Instead of fighting back, many women tend to believe that it is their fault that caused them such indecent behavior from lecherous males. It reflects how deeply Eve’s teasing affects women.

The sufferers of Eve-teasing feel helplessness, anger, and frustration at not being able to do anything about the incident. Incidents of Eve’s teasing can permanently damage the psyche of the victims. It makes them suspicious about everything in life. Eve-teasing is a curse of every day in our life.

In brief, they find it hard to trust people. We should avoid it. They no longer feel inclined to trust their male friends. So, the government should take strong action against eve-teasing. Public awareness should also be raised about it.

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