Dowry System Paragraph With Words Meaning

The Dowry System is heinous malpractice that the people of our country have been nourishing for long years. In spite of modernization and the increasing role of women in all occupations, the practice of dowry in Bangladesh is becoming widespread. If a bride’s family fails to pay the amount of dowry demanded by the prospective groom’s family, the bride will be cruelly treated by the in-laws, and in many cases will be burnt to death. Dowry has become a very common word and it is practiced in Bangladeshi society without any inhibitions or ill feelings.

Dowry System ParagraphDowry is a payment from the bride’s family to the groom or groom’s family at the time of marriage. Upon marriage, the grooms are given are modern household gadgetry as Dowry such as furniture, crockery, and electrical appliances like refrigerators, television, etc. as well as personal items of clothing jeweler, and cash.

Due to Dowry, the birth of a daughter is not welcomed and families are regarded as a curse, the moment a baby girl is born, the parents started worrying about the Dowry of this newborn daughter. They try very hard sacrifices to save money for their daughter’s marriage. In middle-class families, parents try to save as much money as possible, giving up their own comforts of life in order to see their daughters happy after marriage.

Many movies depict the horror of this abhorrent practice of the Dowry. They educate the masses about the horrors of the Dowry System and urge them not to take and give dowry for their sons and daughters’ marriages. To protest against the malpractice, young people, both men, and women should refuse to get married if the dowry is given or taken. Particularly, the girls should stand up against this system with all their might because the Dowry System is responsible for the dishonoring of women in Bangladesh. The women should concentrate on their education and career rather than regarding marriage as their only salvation.

Dowry System Paragraph For SSC and HSC Exam 2021

Dowry is a large amount of money or property that the bride or her family is bound to pay to the bridegroom as a condition of the marriage to happen. Poverty is the main cause of dowry. It is poverty that makes the bridegroom shameless to demand money from the bride party at the time of marriage.

However, this is not the only reason for the dowry system. Because it is prevalent insolvent families as well. In our socio-economic structure dowry is given and taken as a penalty to the bride party. Moreover, the greed of the bridegroom for getting illegal money is the vital cause of dowry. The Dowry system gives birth to various problems in society. It has so many bad effects. The wives are often tortured and beaten to death for not bringing dowry.

I think the dowry system is very disgraceful for society and for humanity. For eliminating the dowry system the government should enhance applying the rules strictly. Awareness should be risen to protest this malpractice socially. It is a matter of hope that besides the government many non-government organizations are working to get rid of this social curse.

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