Deforestation Composition in English

Deforestation is the indiscriminate act of cutting down or burning the area in trees. It is just the opposite of afforestation. Deforestation is the most possible reason behind climate change around the world. Bangladesh falls victim to widespread deforestation. Recurrent natural calamities like floods and cyclones, soil erosion, etc, are the after-effects of husking. The primary cause of deforestation in Bangladesh has been population increase. Additional people need additional forest products fuelwood. Besides, this increases the demand for land for agricultural and industrial use and human habitation.

Deforestation Composition In English For SSC Exam 2021

Deforestation Composition

All these results in deforestation. Lack of knowledge of the importance of trees worsens this situation. Trees play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. They produce oxygen and take away carbon dioxide. Increases which results in global warming. Consequently, sea-level rises. It is feared that due to global warming, many parts of Bangladesh will go underwater in near future. On the other hand, new areas will turn into the desert as an immediate effect of deforestation. It is also responsible for soil erosion and extinction of different valuable species.

Already a number of animal and plant species have been extinct from Bangladesh for widespread husking. Above all, the recurrence of terrible floods, cyclones, tidal bores, etc. in Bangladesh is the result of indiscriminate deforestation around the country. We can not but trees to fulfill our increasing demand. But we should act wisely to do so. If we need to cut one, we must plant two.

The govt. should take the necessary steps to expand the tree plantation program to the remote corner of the country. Besides, the common people should be informed of the danger of husking. Bangladesh has less than 0.02 hectares of forest land per person.

This is one of the lowest forest man ratios in the world. On top of that, deforestation is wiping out nearly 7000 hectares of forest land per year from Bangladesh. If this trend continues, forests are likely to disappear in the next 35-40 years. And if there is no forest, there will be no life here.

So, we should start large scale afforestation in the country, as well as reforestation in the deforested areas.

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