Computer Composition in English

Hey friends, are you searching for the Composition on Computer in English? Here you will find different Compositions on the topic for different classes or grades. Do you know the Computer is the latest and most wonderful contribution of modern science.? I’m gonna share with you a Composition on the Computer describing the use of computer in everyday life.

Computer Composition in English For SSC Exam 2021

Computer Composition

The computer is the most wonderful invention of modern science. It is an ultra-modern electronic device of modern technology. But it has no ability to do anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by the operator. It can solve many complicated problems within a short time.

Charles Bavez is called the father of modern computers. He invented the structure of the computer at first in 1833. His invented computer had five parts. These were Store, Mill, Control, Input, and Output. By following the structure of the computer of Bavez, Harvard University and I.B.M. Company combinedly invented the modern electric computer in 1944. After this, it has been rapidly modified and many other computers have been invented.

At present many kinds of computers have been invented. Each of the special systems is called generation. Nowadays, the fourth-generation computer is being used. By this time, we have got UNIVAC-1, ICL-2900, IBM-640, ADSAC-205 computer.

A computer performs three functions. It receives data, processes it, and at least emits it. At first, the details of work are put into the input of the computer. It is called a program.

The computer is very useful to us. It is used in our daily life for various purposes. The computer has made a great change in education. The students pf developed countries use computers to prepare their study materials. The result of various examinations is prepared accurately by computer within a short time. Besides, printing thousands of books within a short time, computers contribute a lot to education.

At present computer is used to diagnose disease. A new process of operation is invented by the computer as an alternative to surgery. Besides this, the computer is used to grindstones in normal pathological tests. Nowadays, a computer is used to prepare documents and budgets and to store information. The price of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by computer.

At present, a computer is used to run mills, factories, and industries in developed countries. Cars Trains and planes are allowed by the computer. In spite of having uncounted merits of computer, it has also some demerits. It weakens the eyesight of the operator.

The computer is a blessing of modern science. We cannot go a single moment without it. It lessens our works and makes our lives easy and simple. But it has not been fully introduced in Bangladesh. So we should use it all over Bangladesh.

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