Aim in life composition in English

Many people have no definite aim in life. They are like ships without rudders and without goals. So a man who wishes to succeed in life must have a definite aim in his life. A person differs from another in taste, liking, and ability. So different persons have different aims. There are many professions to be taken. Every profession is useful and important. I honor every profession but my aim in life is to be a doctor.

The aim of life composition in English for the SSC Exam 2021

Aim in life composition

I am still a student and I am not born with a golden spoon in my mouth. I know that to be happy in life. I must prepare myself so that I can earn money. I must earn something sufficient to make life comfortable. The desire for making money is not unnatural. It is money that may help a man to get power and position in society. At the same time, I also feel an urge to serve society. So whatever may be the aim of my life I cannot give up the idea of a clean, honest and pure life. The profession of a teacher may help me to lead such a life. Since the idea of living honorably is the noblest aim, I have decided to be a doctor.

The choice of a profession is actually a difficult thing. May parents want me should prepare myself for the teaching profession. They say that if I am a teacher, I will be able to earn and at the same time do useful service to society. But unfortunately, I have no very great liking for this profession. Then, shall I be a doctor? I know that a doctor in our country cannot be well off. Yet to be a doctor is to be a noble ambition. To be able to spread the light of knowledge is rewarding.

Plain living and high thinking have always been the motto of all great doctors. So if I am a doctor, I will devote myself to it whole-heartedly. I will do my duties in a spirit of social service.

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