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DU 7 College Admission Application Form. Dhaka University Affiliated 7 College admission will start from 10th July 2022. Here you have to see DU 7 College Admission Application Process and full instruction. The Application process of a Graduate Degree from DU-affiliated seven colleges for the academic year 2021-22 has appeared to happen. The circulation of application and 7 college admission will incept from 10th July to 20th August 2022. The probable date of the admission test is the first week of September 2022. So, all the interested candidates are requested to prepare themselves for the examination.

DU 7 College Admission Application Form

As the date is limited, the students should apply as soon as possible to secure a seat in the exam. The student can re-write the application if any change is needed. The chief coordinator of seven colleges and vice-chancellor (education) of Dhaka University, ASM Maksud Kamal- announced the notice.

7 College Admission Application Form

According to his statement, the application process started on 1st July. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we had to stop the entire procedure. But the good news is, we have begun taking the applications from all over the country. We will soon commence the evaluation process by taking the exam. The application process has been onset on the 10th of July and will continue till 20th August. We have decided to take the admission test in the first week of September.

Meanwhile, in the case of the including vaccination of the students, ASM Maksud Kamal also added, “if the students want to get COVID-19 vaccine through Dhaka University, then the principals from the respected colleges need to talk to us officially. We will help them. Otherwise, the students can take the vaccine like themselves.

7 College Admission Eligibility

There are some conditions for applying for the Graduate degree of DU-affiliated seven colleges. The student has to get the SSC result between 2015 to 2018 and the HSC result by 2021. Also, by following other criteria, he will be eligible for applying in the admission process.

There are some mandatory credits for different streams. For science background students, the result of both SSC and HSC should be a minimum GPA of 7. The GPA result includes the optional subjects. For the business background students, the total GPA is a minimum of 6.5, and for the Arts students, the result is a minimum of 6. The students who have a lower GPA than the mentioned are unable to apply. But there is always a chance to get admitted in special quotas.

DU 7 College Admission Application Process

This year, the admission test will contain a total of 120 marks. And there is a minimum level of total marks to get selected as an ideal candidate for the degree program. If a student acquires 40% of the summation of scores- that means 46 marks, then he will be tested qualified in the exam. The examination is competitive, so all the candidates have to prepare themselves.

The fee for the 7 college admission application process is 450 this time. Whether the candidate gets qualified or not, he has to provide the application fee through any online paying method. Also, they can pay the amount through a second person if they do not know the payment process.

For getting the entire information and instructions regarding the admission process, follow the website below-


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